A banner day for ideas

I started this post by wanting to say something like, “Somedays there is a lot that strikes you and …” but then I thought – that isn’t really the case. For me teaching ToK has been a way to heighten my awareness of ideas, it is something I ma learning to do a better job at and as I practice, I find more and more stuff interesting. For example, these have struck me recently:

digital connectedness – good or bad? – more on the role of our digital devices in the world

Perceptions of Americans – we often think about Others but how about when the Other thinks about us?

Tibet-China-Buddhism – what is the role of a religion in politics? or, what is the role of the State in religion?

David Foster Wallace and geography – on this one I can’t help myself. A new way of looking at one of my favorite authors and my home state. All of which leads to the question: what is the role of place in the person we become? is place more or less significant than our language in shaping our thought?

Waiting – embedded in this fascinating look at waiting in line is the idea that yet again, we don’t know ourselves like we think we do.

See, and to think I thought it was just a Tuesday.