Donald Trump, Walter Ong, and Mr Whiteside

via Donald Trump, the First President of Our Post-Literate Age – Bloomberg View

Wow (again). If this isn’t a ToK article, I don’t know what is. This is a great little piece on language as a WoK and the dynamics of language- that is, how does how we shape language shape how we think? And more presciently, in this article he looks at how the “technology” of language shapes not only the language w get but also the thought we get. And to get us there he references and amazing book, “Orality and Literacy” – a book I read early in my college career and it shaped a lot of my early thinking. It’s a fascinating read.

On a side note, I was so taken by the book that when I discovered that the author was a professor at St Louis University, I called him up while visiting my grandmother in Ill. and he graciously agreed to meet with me. I drove over and met him in a building lobby and he talked with me for about an hour. I am sad that I no longer have the notes that I took but I have really great memories of how kind and patient he was in speaking to me. And not to press too hard but did you notice he was a Jesuit? Some say the connections just keep getting tighter as you age.