6am and the ToK Essay

This morning as I was doing some reading I came across this passage which I thought was a pretty adept way to think about the ToK essay, not to mention ToK itself.

“Gaining knowledge is recollecting, Plato said. And what this statement means, here, is that it is not a matter of gathering new data, it’s a matter of seeing how the data you already have – your own experiences, observations, beliefs, etc. – hang together. Plato puts our thinking, asking, arguing – the fact that we are lost in the complexity of our own activities of thinking – on display and in doing so offers us a way to find ourselves, a way to get found where we were lost. The result isn’t positive knowledge, or settled agreement, as such. Rather, the result is something like understanding, where this means, roughly, knowing your way around.”  (pp16-17)

The above is from a fascinating book titled “Strange Tools: Art and Human Nature” by Alva Noe. He is a professor of philosophy and neuroscience at UC Berkeley as well as an NPR contributor (which is how I found him).