A little something for the holidays

We are going to be altering the way we use the Comp book in 2017 so prepare yourself. You can start by getting a Comp book if you don’t yet have one. Your having a legit Comp book will be a grade, especially since you will be turning it in on a regular basis.

One of the things we are going to do with the Comp books is use them as places to respond to what we are reading. We will discuss how to do that in Jan but till then you need to read the following articles. I’ve posted them before as suggestions, now they are required. Print them out and read them. As you read notate them with regard to the connections you see to knowledge, WoKs, and AoKs. They are the perfect thing for a car trip, airport layover, or an excuse to avoid some holiday gathering you don’t want to attend. Enjoy.

Consciousness isn’t a mystery

A life of meaning

The core of “Mind and Cosmos”

Why you don’t know your own mind