Death and Food

via In Many Species, a Family Dinner Means Something Else – The New York Times

As we move into the realm of other perspectives and other cultures, this seemed fairly timely. Here is a rather interesting and detailed look at cannibalism in both the non-human and the human world. It’a a fascinating read, the pictures are cool, and it ends with recipes.

Well, not really, but it does hint at other ways of thinking about the corporeal world we inhabit. Best if read right before dinner.


Essay planning, presentation intro, and grading

Here is copy of the handout from class:

Essay conference planning & presentation notes

And here how all the above will be graded. This document covers exactly what IB is looking for when they grade so it is your best planning tool. Read it. Know it.

Global Assessment Marking document

Why Education Matters

So I was reading a review of the Japandroid’s new album and I came across this:

“Mr. King’s recent inspirations have been mostly literary. Named for the Brazilian writer Clarice Lispector’s 1943 debut novel, “Near to the Wild Heart,” which is itself named after a line in James Joyce’s “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man,” the third Japandroids album represents a blossoming for a band that has willfully committed to developing a different kind of career at its own speed.”

The real reason you read what you read in school is so you will understand what is going on in popular culture. It’s all part of Eno’s “compost theory of art.”

via Japandroids: Shriek-Along Punk. Literary Lyrics. – The New York Times

Spring dates – important

Okay, a little late but here it is – the line-up for the spring. Consider this the backbone – we will flesh it out as we go along. Here is the link:

Spring 2017 dates

And if you prefer it all right here:

Spring 2017 ToK Planning Document

Jan 25-27 – Gita Intro & T1 – RKS intro

Feb 2-3 – Gita T2-6

Feb 6-10 – ToK Essay conferences – use Sign-Up Genius to schedule (see blog)

Feb 13 – EE draft due – both hard copy and pdf (place in managebac)

Feb 13-14 – Wayfinders ch1 due

Feb 17 – ToK Essay draft due – both hard copy and pdf (place in managebac)

Feb 21-22 – Gita 7-12 due / drafts returned

Feb 27-28 – Wayfinders ch2 due

Mar 2-3 – Gita T13-18 due

Mar 6 – EE final copy due – hard copy and pdf (place in managebac)

Mar 8 – ToK Essay & planning doc due – EE Viva Voce due

Mar 9-10 – Wayfinders ch3 due – begin uploading of EE and ToK docs

Mar 20 – ToK presentations begin

Mar 30 – ToK Presentation docs due – hard copies and pdfs (managebac)

April 10-14 – SPRING BREAK

April 17-18 – Wayfinders ch 4&5 due

April 19-20 – begin Culture Project (due May 21-31) 

The above dates reflect the major events in ToK. There will be comp book collections periodically along the way as well as side readings (largely distributed on the blog).


Is it art?

via From Jingles to Pop Hits, A.I. Is Music to Some Ears – The New York Times

Especially if it is made by artificial intelligence. Can AI have intention? and that is only the beginning of the questions that are possible. This article alludes to a longer piece about Google working on a different kind of AI than most using neural processing which allows for learning. If you want to explore that, here is the link for that article:

Google’s AI Awakening