Knowing An/(O)ther

Almost as if on cue, Alva Noe has a new post about whether it is literally possible to know what is going on inside another person – this time from the realm of medical science. This picks up right where “Is Being the Same for Everyone?” left off and I think together they point out that the answers to these questions are not just philosophical but are both political and medical – and by extension there, ethical. And to me, that is what ToK is about – as our conceptions of knowledge grow, shift, expand, what do we then do? what knowledge do we create/construct out of these new formulations? These concerns affect directly the kind of knowledge we have and the kind of knowledge we will create. I guess what I am saying is that these questions are imminently practical, applicable, and timely.

via Can Consciousness In Brain-Injured Patients Be Restored? : 13.7: Cosmos And Culture : NPR

Happy Saturday morning to you.


Schedule updates and other stuff

Just to get it all out – for Oct 5, 6 – the readings are the two pieces by W Egginton (p95/p99) AND the first two sections of Unflattening (“Flatness” and “Flatland”). Sorry A-day kids, I added that after seeing you yesterday.

And to think about how ideas of the Andy Clark pieces are engaged in current thought, here are a couple of examples I came across yesterday:

Ape Cognition studies

Spider Cognition

The one on apes is particularly fascinating in that it powerfully suggests that how we have studies and tested apes has affected what we have learned about them. The kicker is that we were not aware of that bias for a long time. It’s also worth noting that Andy Clark is referenced in both articles. Just saying.

Kind of important message

I forgot to tell the A-day kids this so if you know of any, please pass this along to them.

I have jury duty on Tues, Sept 12, so I will be doing my civic duty downtown. You will be in class and you will have an EE workday. Bring materials, bring headphones, bring what is necessary to have a quiet, productive day. I am counting on you. Thanks.

And B-day kids, I will be out on Fri, Sept 15, as well (it’s a longer story), so the above will apply to you on Friday.

See everyone sometime next week. Thanks.

May 2018 prompts

The first post of the new school year and it seems fitting that it’s the list of Essay prompts you will choose from. Rest easy, there is nothing that you have to do with these now. We will discuss these in class at some point though if you were to look over them occasionally they could start rolling around your neurons.

May 2018 prompts