Another Stell article

He sent this last night and doesn’t expect you to have it read, though it is actually great and well worth your time. Think of it this way – he thinks you are worthy of the NYTimes, the New England Journal of Medicine, and the Duke Law Journal. I like his style and we haven’t even met him yet.

Stats, not Experts


For Prof Stell’s visit

For his discussion on Tues, Prof Stell has asked us to take a look at these two articles:

New England Journal of Medicine – The last smallpox vaccine and controversy

NYTimes – Do You Trust the Medical Profession

Thanks and I am looking forward to this. See you soon.

Snow and whatnot

So, you got your snow days. I hope you all enjoyed them (I did – even reading EEs).

Some things  in our schedule will change but not much. You should still have the Fish essay read by Thurs and the next one on Mon. Unfortunately Prof Stell will not be joining us on Tues. We are trying to re-schedule that.

These next three days would be a good time to have the Vive Voca, if you haven’t already arranged it.

And to all the ladies I saw at the March on Sat – I’m damn proud of you for representing.

See you Thurs – enjoy.

A more contemporary paradigm shift?

If you want to explore a more recent exploration about existent paradigms and possible shifts, then check this out.  It gets a little technical for us non-biology types, but I made it through and was greatly intrigued. Part of my fascination is from the suggestion that if “we are all multitudes” then what does that do to psychology and/or religion?

And, are paradigm shifts ever just in one discipline, or are they part of a larger shift in the “gestalt”? Enjoy.

via Microchimerism: how pregnancy changes the mother’s very DNA | Aeon Essays