Rainy Day Research Help

What a gift to have a rainy day off when you need to do a little research/note-taking. To help with that I suggest you give a few minutes to looking at this link which delineates the difference between quoting – paraphrasing – summarizing. Good times.

OWL on quotes/paraphrases/summaries


Fish & Einstein – Together At Last

While you have been testing, I have been grading though I have taken a few breaks. During one of them today, a paragraph caught my attention because it reminded me of a paragraph from yesterday. Spooky action indeed.

James Gleick “What does quantum physics actually tell us about the world?” NYT, May 8, 2017

“The first proof of atoms came from 26-year-old Albert Einstein in 1905, the same year he proposed his theory of special relativity. Before that, the atom served as an increasingly useful hypothetical construct. At the same time, Einstein defined a new entity: a particle of light, the “light quantum,” now called the photon. Until then, everyone considered light to be a kind of wave. It didn’t bother Einstein that no one could observe this new thing. “It is the theory which decides what we can observe,” he said.”



Stanley Fish “ ‘Transparency’ is the mother of fake news” NYT, May 7, 2018

“The insistence on the primacy of narratives and interpretations does not involve a deriding of facts but an alternative story of their emergence. Postmodernism sets itself against the notion of facts just lying there discrete and independent, and waiting to be described. Instead it argues that fact is the achievement of argument and debate, not a pre-existing entity by whose measure argument can be assessed. Arguments come first; when they are successful, facts follow — at least for a while, until a new round of arguments replaces them with a new set of facts.”


A Caution About the Final

Too many people have asked me so I must not have made it as clear as I thought it was:


I will be checking the lists and using a different song for this project will dramatically affect your grade for the worse. Part of the last part of the course has been about encountering the other, the different, the foreign, so here is a chance to step out of your comfort zone. Enjoy it.

np: Seefeel “Filter Dub”

Final Exam Thing

Here is the digital copy of the final in case you prefer a copy with live links.

Final Exam Thing

I also encourage you to look at the NYTimes video on how “The Middle” was created. You may find it useful, especially if you are working on the creation of art (though it certainly could fit with the other two topics). You could also look at the response to the Kendrick Lamar Pulitzer for art and its function (again, though, it works with the other options.) Enjoy.

np: Seefeel “Climatic Phase #3”