ToK in real time

This touches on so many things for us it’s ridiculous. From Whitmire’s connection of rap as today’s folk music today in class to the conversation post-Monday’s speaker to Dylan’s unpacking of his world to the argument that I have been making (ala Egginton) that your knowledge is “pre-determined” by the knowledge before and around you.

This is why ToK matters – not to help you understand the article but to get you to think like Rodney Carmichael (he gets an A) – when you encounter a tweet, what questions do you ask? do you question the assumptions that are made? how do you respond to those assumptions? what are the “rules” of engagement for that discipline/subject?

Read, ponder, and turn it up.

via Why Questloves 201-Song Playlist For Keith Olbermann Is Bigger Than Hip-Hop : The Record : NPR


Construction of perceptions in music

Given our recent classroom discussions, I thought that this article made a nice pairing with them. It looks at exactly what we have been talking about in examining how a culture’s sensibilities shaped one person’s experiences which in turn shaped many others. This is a good example of that feedback that it is easy to get lost in without asking questions, such as “How is art constructed?”

via The Gay Architects of Classic Rock – The New York Times

Something fun and historic

This is for all of you that feel that I give pop culture the shrift. Plus it’s just kind of fun to think about (hint: avoid judgement).

And finally, double-plus, it’s about one of the greatest and most influential bands that has ever played – not to mention one of my personal favorites. Every smart person should spend a little time with the Velvet Underground – it could change your life.

via 800 Copies: Meet The World’s Most Obsessive Fan Of ‘The Velvet Underground and Nico’ : The Record : NPR