VSI and the ToK Life

Two things: 1) here is the link to the VSI guided reading questions you put in your Comp Book. Requests have been made suggesting that it might be easier to answer and organize your thoughts if you could see ll the questions gathered in one place. That seemed reasonable and appropriate, so here you are.

VSI Guided Questions

2) Here is a link to an article about the current Alex Honnold documentary, “Free Solo”. Alex is an extraordinary rock climber, specializing in climbing without a rope (“free-soloing”). The movie is both a riveting and beautiful account of his attempt to free-solo “El Capitan”, one of the largest and most iconic rock walls in the world. The article makes the case that he is living a radically truthful life. When I saw it last night, I thought of it as more of a “ToK life”. I was struck by his interrogation and investigation of what it means to truly, deeply live. I also couldn’t help but notice that he was an IB student in high school in Calif. and while he doesn’t call out ToK in specific, I am claiming it. So, look for yourself and see how someone lives their life. Here’s the link and the movie is at the Manor.

Alex Honnold and the Lived Life


IKS Finishing Guidelines

For use this week as we wrap this up:

Suggested Readings:

Indigenous Heritage and Public Musems pp1-11

How to Take Ethnographic Notes pp1-3

Exhibition Ethics

Consider that you need to address the five issues below in a manner that the general public could read them and understand them and be convinced that you know what you are talking about. Each needs a brief explanation and a Works Consulted list. Assemble these documents into an online folder and make all links live.

  • People’s Intro
  • People’s knowledge (how they see the world and how they organize the world)
  • Knowledge of these people
  • Ethics of the knowing
  • Ethics of the (re)presenting


  • do this in Google Docs;
  • 1-2 pages each; citations/sources required – these need to be live links;
  • map needs labels and marginal notes;
  • group member(s)’ names must be on it under the title of the document

Our recent readings

Given our on-going examination of indigenous knowledge and our approaches to that through a variety of readings, when I came across these articles today, I thought of our discussions from this week and thought I would share them with you. Use them as springboards for further thinking and discussion if you like.

Regarding the Alain de Botton article on marrying the wrong person: via Why marriage is both anachronistic and discriminatory | Aeon Essays

Regarding knowing the Other (and thinking of the Tibetan monks at Davidson):  The Simplistic Image of Tibetan Buddhism

Regarding knowing the Other and questions of evolution: Adapting bodies to the ocean


np: The Del-Byzanteens “Girls Imagination”


For those walking today – 3.14

via Dear National Rifle Association: We Won’t Let You Win. From, Teenagers. – The New York Times

and this

America has failed its kids on guns

and if you want to think about it in relationship to what counts as knowledge and who gets to decide what is knowledge, there is this – which might offer a suggestion for another approach as to what can start to be done

Congress has quashed research on guns


The Indigenous Knowledge/Anthropology Project

Here are folders with the documents you will need to work on the IKS project. You will also need to have Wayfinders read by Mar 15-16.

Areas of Inquiry

Anthropological Theories

Remember that you are only responsible for the ones that your group decided on. You should start thinking about the connections between these two concepts and Wayfinders (this will be some form of assessment coming soon) as well as your region of the world (don’t forget the music). And if you want to look ahead, ultimately we are going to attempt to trace the flows of knowledge across the world map so you can consider that as well. See? The fun never stops in ToK – the only class you have taken that is about life in all its complexities.

np: Doom Side of the Moon