Articles for the Juniors

Sorry for the delay. Here are the peer-reviewed articles I discussed in class concerning the debate of emotions. Enjoy.

Article #1 – Ralph’s statement

Article #2 – Barrett’s response

np: Miles Davis Star People


Snow and whatnot

So, you got your snow days. I hope you all enjoyed them (I did – even reading EEs).

Some things  in our schedule will change but not much. You should still have the Fish essay read by Thurs and the next one on Mon. Unfortunately Prof Stell will not be joining us on Tues. We are trying to re-schedule that.

These next three days would be a good time to have the Vive Voca, if you haven’t already arranged it.

And to all the ladies I saw at the March on Sat – I’m damn proud of you for representing.

See you Thurs – enjoy.


Last minute reminder: we are having a guest speaker this morning – Stuart Watson – in the Art Gallery from 10:45 – 11:30ish. He is a retired investigative journalist. Ask your teacher if you can attend – it is not mandatory.

Reach out to your supervisor this week.

Reading: Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize lecture (pp238+)

EE help in LA209 Tues and Fri 2:30-3:30.

Spring dates – important

Okay, a little late but here it is – the line-up for the spring. Consider this the backbone – we will flesh it out as we go along. Here is the link:

Spring 2017 dates

And if you prefer it all right here:

Spring 2017 ToK Planning Document

Jan 25-27 – Gita Intro & T1 – RKS intro

Feb 2-3 – Gita T2-6

Feb 6-10 – ToK Essay conferences – use Sign-Up Genius to schedule (see blog)

Feb 13 – EE draft due – both hard copy and pdf (place in managebac)

Feb 13-14 – Wayfinders ch1 due

Feb 17 – ToK Essay draft due – both hard copy and pdf (place in managebac)

Feb 21-22 – Gita 7-12 due / drafts returned

Feb 27-28 – Wayfinders ch2 due

Mar 2-3 – Gita T13-18 due

Mar 6 – EE final copy due – hard copy and pdf (place in managebac)

Mar 8 – ToK Essay & planning doc due – EE Viva Voce due

Mar 9-10 – Wayfinders ch3 due – begin uploading of EE and ToK docs

Mar 20 – ToK presentations begin

Mar 30 – ToK Presentation docs due – hard copies and pdfs (managebac)

April 10-14 – SPRING BREAK

April 17-18 – Wayfinders ch 4&5 due

April 19-20 – begin Culture Project (due May 21-31) 

The above dates reflect the major events in ToK. There will be comp book collections periodically along the way as well as side readings (largely distributed on the blog).


News you can use.

Welcome to a new year – here is hoping that it exceeds whatever you want it to be. I am looking forward to our return but before we get it started, there are a few bits of info, some tibs, that I want to put in front of you to ease the transition.

First, make sure you have a comp book.We are going to jump into it on day one and my goal is to use it every day. We are going to make thinking visible. Have it.

Second, by approxiamately 10am tomorrow morning, the grades for the Annotated Bibliography will be in PowerSchool. If you are looking at a grade of D or lower, you turned in a Bibliography, and you met with your supervisor, what it means is that I have received no word from your supervisor that you met with them. Do not come to me about this – instead,  go to your supervisor and politely remind them that they need to contact me via email or google form and let me know that you met by Dec 5, etc…. This is a fixable problem.

A D or lower could also mean that you turned in a Bibliography but did not meet with your supervisor. This was silly. And also bad. You need to politely schedule a meeting with them and have it before exams start. Remember, if you do not have the meetings with your supervisor, then MP will not submit your essay. Let’s avoid this nuclear option at all costs.

If you find yourself looking at a 0, that means that you did not turn a Bibliography in to me. This is very, very bad. There is only a little bit that can be done in this situation and you need to do it. Turn in a Bibliography and meet with your supervisor before exams start. Otherwise you are headed for the nuclear option.

Finally, if you have not gotten your copy of the Gita, please do it this week. You will need to have the “Introduction” read by next week. Get it, bring it, read it.

Alright, let’s begin.