Anthropology/IKS resources

Here is a folder of docs that will be helpful.


Here is the link to the Daily Google Form you need for assessment.

Daily Progress Form


The Indigenous Knowledge/Anthropology Project

Here are folders with the documents you will need to work on the IKS project. You will also need to have Wayfinders read by Mar 15-16.

Areas of Inquiry

Anthropological Theories

Remember that you are only responsible for the ones that your group decided on. You should start thinking about the connections between these two concepts and Wayfinders (this will be some form of assessment coming soon) as well as your region of the world (don’t forget the music). And if you want to look ahead, ultimately we are going to attempt to trace the flows of knowledge across the world map so you can consider that as well. See? The fun never stops in ToK – the only class you have taken that is about life in all its complexities.

np: Doom Side of the Moon

Film from Iran

If you don’t know Abbas Kiarostami, you should treat yourself and find his earlier work. He is a wonder. In fact, a lot of Iranian cinema from the 80s and 90s is amazing. These filmmakers were not beholden to Hollywood and were, in a sense, self-taught so they see through the camera in an entirely different way, frequently in ways that will take your breath away. If this film makes it to Charlotte, you will find me in the theatre repeatedly.

via When A Still Life Isn’t Entirely Still: ’24 Frames’ : NPR

ps. plus the opening quote takes us right back to Fish.

np: Deepchord “Liumin”

Death and Food

via In Many Species, a Family Dinner Means Something Else – The New York Times

As we move into the realm of other perspectives and other cultures, this seemed fairly timely. Here is a rather interesting and detailed look at cannibalism in both the non-human and the human world. It’a a fascinating read, the pictures are cool, and it ends with recipes.

Well, not really, but it does hint at other ways of thinking about the corporeal world we inhabit. Best if read right before dinner.


This is what the internet was invented for !!- this is one of  the best things I have come across in a long time. Read the article! Bookmark the website! NOW!!!! You can absolutely bet that when we get to Indigenous Knowledge and are discussing culture, you are going to be sent here. Endlessly fascinating – it’s a great way to spend a cold morning listening to the world.

Here is the article: Radio Garden Lets You Tune Into 8,000 Stations From Around The World : Goats and Soda : NPR

Here is the link: Radio Garden

Now get your ears on it.

A banner day for ideas

I started this post by wanting to say something like, “Somedays there is a lot that strikes you and …” but then I thought – that isn’t really the case. For me teaching ToK has been a way to heighten my awareness of ideas, it is something I ma learning to do a better job at and as I practice, I find more and more stuff interesting. For example, these have struck me recently:

digital connectedness – good or bad? – more on the role of our digital devices in the world

Perceptions of Americans – we often think about Others but how about when the Other thinks about us?

Tibet-China-Buddhism – what is the role of a religion in politics? or, what is the role of the State in religion?

David Foster Wallace and geography – on this one I can’t help myself. A new way of looking at one of my favorite authors and my home state. All of which leads to the question: what is the role of place in the person we become? is place more or less significant than our language in shaping our thought?

Waiting – embedded in this fascinating look at waiting in line is the idea that yet again, we don’t know ourselves like we think we do.

See, and to think I thought it was just a Tuesday.