Culture Project page – all the info and then some…

So here is the definitive source for the Culture Project plus a sheaf of things that will be helpful, if you take advantage of them.

Here is the assignment: Culture Project Assn

Here is the song list: 25 Songs list

Here is a compendium of articles, etc… that may be helpful in exploring the stacks underneath the cultural forces that are at work in your song. The articles have been collected by me over the past year and are organized by categories. Feel free to use what is helpful, just remember to give author and title after the quote.

The compendium: Article collection

Finally, a few reminders: NO late work; NO digital copies – hard copies only; NO printing in LA209 (my printer died this morning anyway).

It’s a big world, you’re smart, start exploring.

Why thinking about knowledge matters …. marriage.

via Why You Will Marry the Wrong Person – The New York Times

Here in a small version is a lot of what Gilbert was talking about. It also neatly encapsulates why thinking about how you came to know something is significant for the thing that you think you know.

Let me frame it this way: this is the most accurate thing I have read about choosing a mate that I have read. Show it to the parents and see if they agree.

Smartphone = crack pipe?

via Are Teenagers Replacing Drugs With Smartphones? – The New York Times

You could read this as “See Mr Whiteside, at least I’m not doing drugs”


“I am hooked, and I don’t even know on what – just whatever this device pushes on me.”

It does make me think about Marx’s line: “Religion is the opiate of the masses” and how completely he underestimated technology.

Something fun and historic

This is for all of you that feel that I give pop culture the shrift. Plus it’s just kind of fun to think about (hint: avoid judgement).

And finally, double-plus, it’s about one of the greatest and most influential bands that has ever played – not to mention one of my personal favorites. Every smart person should spend a little time with the Velvet Underground – it could change your life.

via 800 Copies: Meet The World’s Most Obsessive Fan Of ‘The Velvet Underground and Nico’ : The Record : NPR