Snow and whatnot

So, you got your snow days. I hope you all enjoyed them (I did – even reading EEs).

Some things  in our schedule will change but not much. You should still have the Fish essay read by Thurs and the next one on Mon. Unfortunately Prof Stell will not be joining us on Tues. We are trying to re-schedule that.

These next three days would be a good time to have the Vive Voca, if you haven’t already arranged it.

And to all the ladies I saw at the March on Sat – I’m damn proud of you for representing.

See you Thurs – enjoy.


A more contemporary paradigm shift?

If you want to explore a more recent exploration about existent paradigms and possible shifts, then check this out.  It gets a little technical for us non-biology types, but I made it through and was greatly intrigued. Part of my fascination is from the suggestion that if “we are all multitudes” then what does that do to psychology and/or religion?

And, are paradigm shifts ever just in one discipline, or are they part of a larger shift in the “gestalt”? Enjoy.

via Microchimerism: how pregnancy changes the mother’s very DNA | Aeon Essays

January 2018 Reading Schedule

Finally getting to posting the schedule like I promised in class. Here is a copy of it and a link. Enjoy. Really, if you let yourself engage, these readings in particular have the ability to really affect/challenge/advance/______________ your thinking – and at the very least, I think you will find them somewhat enjoyable. (Link at the bottom)

January 2018 Reading Schedule

Jan 8-9: David Foster Wallace “Tense Present” ToKRp12+

Jan 10-11: Thomas Kuhn “The Route to Normal Science” ToKRp41+

Jan 12-19: Exam week: EE process evaluation/reading/reading discussion

Jan 12-Feb 2: schedule and have your Viva Voce

Jan 23-24: Stanley Fish “How to recognize a Poem When You See One” ToKRp32+

Jan 29-30: Stanley Fish “What Makes an Interpretation Acceptable” ToKRp40+

Feb 2: Viva Voce write-up due in Managebac

Feb 1-2: chapter 1 in The Wayfinders due

Jan 2018 Reading Schedule

Mon&Tues after Thanks.

The moment I had been both dreading and expecting arrived Thanksgiving morning. My 98 year-old grandmother passed away – peacefully and with my cousin by her side. She had been failing for a little while now and was under the care of Hospice at her nursing home. It is the end of an era for my family and the end of a very significant relationship for me. My trip to Illinois to see her last month has helped me a lot during this time as that was one of the last times that she was lucid and coherent – that is the memory of her last days that I want to take with me.

I am writing this on Friday evening and I will fly home tomorrow morning. The family is gathering from far and wide for the viewing on Monday and the funeral on Tuesday. This may very well be one of the last times this much of my family is together so while there will be sadness, there will also be joy in seeing those I do not normally see. As with most of life, it is more complicated than straightforward. The other thing that I am looking forward to is that the family is going to let me say a few words at the funeral. I feel honored to be able to publicly remember her, though I am also a little nervous. If you happen to think of me Tues morn, send some good vibes my way.

I am leaving you on short notice. I have requested a sub from the system but have no idea if anyone will pick the job up. Whoever you have, even if it  is a succession of colleagues – please make their job easy. There is an assignment, a legitimate assignment, not just something to pass the time. Please take it seriously and do it in earnest. It is built on the ToK Essay prompts and will help us moving forward with our work on those. The instructions are not complicated though they are a little long. They do need to be read all the way through before you begin so you know where you are going. And to help you to that end, I have posted a copy of the sub plans below. Feel free to read it on your own so you know what is going to happen.

Sub Plans

Thanks again for your cooperation in this. Though I do not like to be out of the classroom, I like that I feel that I can trust you to recognize when to let loose and when to buckle down and focus. Thanks for that trust.

I will see you on Weds&Thurs and we can de-brief then.IMG_3261