Final Exam Help

You might want to watch this 6 minute video on one way to make art, it could be useful or suggestive for your work on the Final. Enjoy.

How a Hit is Made

np: Bob Dylan “He’s Funny That Way” from the RSD release Universal Love.


Nuance in approaches to accessing knowledge

Following today’s conversation about nuance and “no-easy” answers follows these three articles which all address the ways in which knowledge is accessed. What results is complicated but significant. Enjoy.

via Why Can’t I Put My Smartphone Down? Here’s The Science : Shots – Health News : NPR

Reading and how it is taught (incorrectly)

America’s Real Digital Divide

np: “Losing My Edge” LCD Soundsystem

A Change in Knowledge Production

I saw this today and immediately thought of several things almost at once but for now I am going to leave aside the English teacher excitement of such a finding. Instead I want to think through this wearing my ToK beanie/toboggan. Read through this and see how much of this is similar to the piece we are reading in class about how a discipline is altered/created by the technology used. I am of the opinion that the humanities have only begun to understand what the computer can do and as time goes on, a paradigm shift is in the works – not unlike what happened to ethnomusicology with the advent of the phonogram. If this kind of thing strikes your interest, then look up the Stanford Literary Lab and Franco Moretti – they are seen as being on the cutting edge of this. Enjoy.

via Plagiarism Software Unveils a New Source for 11 of Shakespeare’s Plays – The New York Times

np: The Hair and Skin Trading Company (early stuff)

Interpretation in science

New interpretation? paradigm shift? any of these are possible as continued work reveals new findings in the sciences. As more work is done in this area, the implications get wider and wider. If plants are conscious, then what does “life” mean? does this mean we need to re-think certain ethical concepts? does it mean that Burger is in fact related to the trees?

At any rate, this article does a good job of presenting  the role of interpretation in science. Enjoy.

via Sedate a Plant, and It Seems to Lose Consciousness. Is It Conscious? – The New York Times

np: Aphex Twin “Selected Ambient Vol 2”

Film from Iran

If you don’t know Abbas Kiarostami, you should treat yourself and find his earlier work. He is a wonder. In fact, a lot of Iranian cinema from the 80s and 90s is amazing. These filmmakers were not beholden to Hollywood and were, in a sense, self-taught so they see through the camera in an entirely different way, frequently in ways that will take your breath away. If this film makes it to Charlotte, you will find me in the theatre repeatedly.

via When A Still Life Isn’t Entirely Still: ’24 Frames’ : NPR

ps. plus the opening quote takes us right back to Fish.

np: Deepchord “Liumin”