Rainy Day Research Help

What a gift to have a rainy day off when you need to do a little research/note-taking. To help with that I suggest you give a few minutes to looking at this link which delineates the difference between quoting – paraphrasing – summarizing. Good times.

OWL on quotes/paraphrases/summaries


Knowing An/(O)ther

Almost as if on cue, Alva Noe has a new post about whether it is literally possible to know what is going on inside another person – this time from the realm of medical science. This picks up right where “Is Being the Same for Everyone?” left off and I think together they point out that the answers to these questions are not just philosophical but are both political and medical – and by extension there, ethical. And to me, that is what ToK is about – as our conceptions of knowledge grow, shift, expand, what do we then do? what knowledge do we create/construct out of these new formulations? These concerns affect directly the kind of knowledge we have and the kind of knowledge we will create. I guess what I am saying is that these questions are imminently practical, applicable, and timely.

via Can Consciousness In Brain-Injured Patients Be Restored? : 13.7: Cosmos And Culture : NPR

Happy Saturday morning to you.

Articles and links for the Culture Project

This is the list for starters – I’m going to keep adding to it, so keep coming back.

For use with “Gut hack” you might consider:

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For use with thinking about the interaction between science/knowledge, the community, and the individual, consider these:

Public Perception of Science

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The Knowledge Illusion

Descartes and indigenous thought

For thinking about scientific method(s):

Research Integrity

Flawed research

Sharing science

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