Cultural Lineage

When Davis talks about the “cultural lineage” we are inheriting, I think of this kind of example – how a song, an artwork, became significant for constructions of race and gender. This little piece I think is like the beginning of ToK thinking. Listen to the included samples loud enough and you will see your parents dance.

via ‘Respect’ Wasn’t A Feminist Anthem Until Aretha Franklin Made It One : NPR

Why Education Matters

So I was reading a review of the Japandroid’s new album and I came across this:

“Mr. King’s recent inspirations have been mostly literary. Named for the Brazilian writer Clarice Lispector’s 1943 debut novel, “Near to the Wild Heart,” which is itself named after a line in James Joyce’s “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man,” the third Japandroids album represents a blossoming for a band that has willfully committed to developing a different kind of career at its own speed.”

The real reason you read what you read in school is so you will understand what is going on in popular culture. It’s all part of Eno’s “compost theory of art.”

via Japandroids: Shriek-Along Punk. Literary Lyrics. – The New York Times

So, who is number one on the charts?

via From Mozart To Adele To Chance The Rapper, Measuring Album Sales Means Being Specific : NPR

A short and to the point look at the music biz that raises larger questions. Look at how much trouble we now have at determining what a “sale” is, who “sold” the most, who is at the “top of the charts”. So how do we have “facts” anymore? And if sales/facts are this problematic, then how do we go about determining who the most “consumed” artist was?

The seemingly larger question is does this kind of “difficulty” extend to other fields? However, my question, is this seeming “difficulty” a bad thing? What if it encourages new ways of perception, new ways of determining and organizing knowledge?

The Year in Reading – The New York Times

via The Year in Reading – The New York Times

This is a joy to behold. Writers, thinkers, poets, musicians, artists and more on what they read this past year and what moved them. You might be pleased to know that you have not been alone in some of your reading. And some of the people you have read contribute to this list. I will maintain forever that the quickest way to glean how someone thinks about knowledge is to find out what they read. Take some time and peruse this.


This is what the internet was invented for !!- this is one of  the best things I have come across in a long time. Read the article! Bookmark the website! NOW!!!! You can absolutely bet that when we get to Indigenous Knowledge and are discussing culture, you are going to be sent here. Endlessly fascinating – it’s a great way to spend a cold morning listening to the world.

Here is the article: Radio Garden Lets You Tune Into 8,000 Stations From Around The World : Goats and Soda : NPR

Here is the link: Radio Garden

Now get your ears on it.