Extended Essay Info for All

Since the Extended Essay is not the normal research paper, here are things that will be helpful in wrapping your head around the EE. The main idea behind the EE is that the student function like a practitioner in that field. The info below is here for us to help the students achieve that.

Important Info: Under this header I will be compiling revised notes to aid both supervisors and students, especially as we work with the three mandatory reflection sessions and the revised rubric.

Extended Essay Guide link: IB EE Guide page

Academic Reading: Our students need to do more of it. The bulk of their research should be pulled from either primary sources or peer-reviewed journals. The good news is that CMS’s recent partnership with the Public Library system enables students to use their student ID number as their library card. They can check out books with it as well as access the online journal collection with provides them with access to hundreds of academic journals. They can go to plcmc.org then the Resources button. Scroll down and look at the ProQuest options especially. Or they can ask Ms Williams in the Media Center for help.

The EE- IA relationship: There should not be one. In no way should the EE resemble a student’s IA to the point that students cannot use the same book or author from their IA in their EE. These are to be entirely separate assignments.