Culture Project page – all the info and then some…

So here is the definitive source for the Culture Project plus a sheaf of things that will be helpful, if you take advantage of them.

Here is the assignment: Culture Project Assn

Here is the song list: 25 Songs list

Here is a compendium of articles, etc… that may be helpful in exploring the stacks underneath the cultural forces that are at work in your song. The articles have been collected by me over the past year and are organized by categories. Feel free to use what is helpful, just remember to give author and title after the quote.

The compendium: Article collection

Finally, a few reminders: NO late work; NO digital copies – hard copies only; NO printing in LA209 (my printer died this morning anyway).

It’s a big world, you’re smart, start exploring.


Articles and links for the Culture Project

This is the list for starters – I’m going to keep adding to it, so keep coming back.

For use with “Gut hack” you might consider:

Excrement Experiment

Say Hello to My Little Friends

For use with thinking about the interaction between science/knowledge, the community, and the individual, consider these:

Public Perception of Science

Why we believe untruths

The Knowledge Illusion

Descartes and indigenous thought

For thinking about scientific method(s):

Research Integrity

Flawed research

Sharing science

Science and ethics

Broken science?