May 2018 prompts

The first post of the new school year and it seems fitting that it’s the list of Essay prompts you will choose from. Rest easy, there is nothing that you have to do with these now. We will discuss these in class at some point though if you were to look over them occasionally they could start rolling around your neurons.

May 2018 prompts


ToK Essay Planning document

We will go over the following in class so you do not have to do anything with it now.

Use the link below to access the ToK Essay Planning Form. You will probably need to download the form and then open it in Adobe. It is a “writeable pdf” which means you type your info in it and save. Eventually you will send it back to me and I will write in the box on the second page. Then when we submit the essay this will go with it.


ps. just as a reminder, you should be keeping up with your Comp book entries. I will be collecting them before the end of the quarter and for some of you, this grade will help.

Spring dates – important

Okay, a little late but here it is – the line-up for the spring. Consider this the backbone – we will flesh it out as we go along. Here is the link:

Spring 2017 dates

And if you prefer it all right here:

Spring 2017 ToK Planning Document

Jan 25-27 – Gita Intro & T1 – RKS intro

Feb 2-3 – Gita T2-6

Feb 6-10 – ToK Essay conferences – use Sign-Up Genius to schedule (see blog)

Feb 13 – EE draft due – both hard copy and pdf (place in managebac)

Feb 13-14 – Wayfinders ch1 due

Feb 17 – ToK Essay draft due – both hard copy and pdf (place in managebac)

Feb 21-22 – Gita 7-12 due / drafts returned

Feb 27-28 – Wayfinders ch2 due

Mar 2-3 – Gita T13-18 due

Mar 6 – EE final copy due – hard copy and pdf (place in managebac)

Mar 8 – ToK Essay & planning doc due – EE Viva Voce due

Mar 9-10 – Wayfinders ch3 due – begin uploading of EE and ToK docs

Mar 20 – ToK presentations begin

Mar 30 – ToK Presentation docs due – hard copies and pdfs (managebac)

April 10-14 – SPRING BREAK

April 17-18 – Wayfinders ch 4&5 due

April 19-20 – begin Culture Project (due May 21-31) 

The above dates reflect the major events in ToK. There will be comp book collections periodically along the way as well as side readings (largely distributed on the blog).


Sample Essay J

Everyone should have read the sample in class by now. The B-day kids had some time to work with the grader’s comments but for the sake of continuity, I am going to go over what you should do with it so bear with me if you have already done some of this.

Get out your rubric. Read it. Then read sample J. Do your own personal evaluation of it using the rubric. Then look at the scorer’s comments. You will see that the essay wasn’t terrible nor was it great. Now consider for each scoring comment what the author should have/could have done to make their essay better. In class on B-day we started writing that out on the paper. I am encouraging you to do that/finish the essay scoring so that you have some processing practice thinking like a grader. I will state right now that I am not going to collect this paper. It is excellent practice for you and it will certainly help prepare you for the actual essay itself. Think of it this way, how often do you think your favorite performer/athlete/artist practices something with no one watching or counting? I’d love to have a conversation about this during the exam time, and if you thought to put this in your Comp book, well, who knows what might happen?

sample J

scorer’s comments for J